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Sailor Stories – Argo Film

Sailor Stories




November 22, 2016


Year of production: 2016
Category: Documentary film
Lenght: 74 minutes
Director and writer: Stephan Komandarev
Production: Argo Film (Bulgaria)
Producer: Stephan Komandarev
Supported by: Bulgarian National Film Center


A few stories about sailors, rich in dramatic tension and flashes of humour, taking place in the span of one year along the coast and in the waters of the Black Sea.
Due to the EU’s programme for reducing finishing cutters, Alexander agreed to have his ship destroyed… The day after the destruction Alexander starts building a new boat. A year later it is ready. Dimitar has spent 45 years at sea. In 1987 he bought a VHS Camcorder and for years recorded the life on the ships around the world. Hristo’s fishing vessel is taken in 2012, near to the Romanian coast, on charges of poaching. The lawsuits go on for years. Zoya and Plamen are teachers. To survive on their meager salaries they have been going out to sea in their fishing boat to catch rapa whelks for years. The wife is the captain of the boat, Plamen is the diver, who looks for whelks.