Stephan Komandarev

STEPHAN KOMANDAREV is a Bulgarian director, producer and scriptwriter, who has a number of award-wining documentaries and feature films such as: The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner (2008 – the first Bulgarian film, shortlisted for Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (2010), the most world-wide theatrical released Bulgarian film ever, distributed in 93 countries, won 35 awards at international film festivals); The Judgment (2014) (won 12 awards, Bulgarian entry – Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film – 2016); The Town of Badante Women (2009, doc.), Alphabet of Hope (2003, doc.), Bread over the Fence (2002, doc.), Dog’s Home (1999, feature). He is 2011 EAVE graduate and Member of the Bulgarian Film Directors’ Association and Bulgarian Film Producers’ Association. Member of the European Film Academy.